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G E T  T H E  M U S I C

Ivy Chow believes in artistic collaborations and supporting fellow artists. In this spirit, she has made music from her shows available here for purchase.

Recording of Alliance

Buy the music!

The music will be recorded and available for purchase.

Music by composer Lan-In Winnie Yang can be found here.

ORIGINAL SCORE -Through the Glass Ceiling Composed by George Shaw

George Shaw is an American born composer (of Taiwanese, Chinese, and Japanese descent) for film, TV, games and new media. His music is well-known across YouTube, including composing for Geek and Sundry's shows, TableTop and Spellslinger, and is the Music Director of The Geekie Awards. With his frequent collaborations with YouTube talent, he's no stranger to viral videos. He wrote and produced Star Wars: The Musical, which went viral across the internet, including mentions by Entertainment Weekly, Yahoo Movies, CNET, and Nerd Bastards.

If you're interested in a copy of George Shaw's music for the Through the Glass Ceiling, please contact

More of his music can be found here:



See video below to learn more about the collaboration with George Shaw.

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